Hoping for a cost estimate for replacing a bathtub - trying to get at least a rough ballpark estimate before I pursue the project.?

I am in a 7-year old house in Charlotte (Pulte is the builder). It's a first floor bathroom, and the house has slab construction. The bathroom has a shower and a separate 72" tub, but the tub is really shallow. I'd like to replace the tub with a real soaking tub. There's an electrical outlet on the other wall in the bedroom and I thought about trying to switch this out to a jetted tub, but I think even a true soaking tub would be an upgrade. The hot water tank is big enough to fill a deeper tub. I found some deeper tubs in the big box stores online for about $1500.00. Should I estimate another $1500 or so for installation? Or more?

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    Ask the home improvement stores about avg. install prices as they deal with installers all the time. Or check Angies List in Charlotte.

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