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if you have to come to my school, how you would wear my uniform?

Im a girl, at my school, we have to wear a uniform

My uniform is :

Obligatory: white polo buttoned up, white shirt buttoned up or white turtleneck, black pants or plaid skirt, black shoes

Optional : black jumper, white/black knee socks,

What you would wear if you have to come at my school?

I like to wear when its hot a white polo buttoned up, plaid skirt tucked in and black knee socks

When its cold, i like to wear a white shirt buttoned up or turtleneck, black jumper, plaid skirt tucked in and white knee socks

This is ok? What you would wear?

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    You can wear whatever you like!

    In fact, you're lucky you have a wide selection. I'm stuck with a green jumper, white blouse (grey shirt for boys), grey trousers/skirt, and black socks and shoes. And a school jacket. It's awful. It's bulky and make you sweaty but at the same time, it's not warm enough for winter.

    Anyhoot, on the normal days, I'd just wear the white shirt with the black jumper tied around my waist in case it gets colder, the plaid skirt and the black kneesocks. And on the cold days, I'll wear the black jumper and white shirt with another top underneath, depending on how cold it is. And I'll wear the plaid skirt again with black kneesocks. But on the really cold days, I'll wear the trousers with long socks or tights underneath for more warmth.

    And I'll add some personal accessories if your school allows them.

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    You may be somewhat limited by the uniform, but maybe you can accessorize a little more to stand out? Maybe even do something different with your hair from time to time. Get creative!

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    I'm guessing you're not a school girl, mate.

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