suggest 3 laws that can help with Canadas problem of increasing garbage.?

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    1. Most Canada outside Essex county is still very organic. Canadians should count it as the greatest blessing. nature takes care of its waste disposal eminently- till man interferes with it to create problems for "himself". Follow the nature, preserve its recycling ability. If Canadians want to add to or aid it, start the practice of "Composting"where there is excessive greenery. Beaver & moose are your indicators. If their numbers dwindle, do something to remedy the situation. Don't allow an immigrant who is not nature-conscious who believes in concrete jungles & malls and cuts down trees. Let Nature takes care of its garbage, not the man.

    2. Industry & mining should come out with effective (not perfunctory) work plans to dispose of the waste they create.Each should have Environmental engineers in their pay on their boards. Much of it can be buried underground. Dangerous chemicals shouldn't be let out in water bodies, but should be retained in labs, turned into harmless solids, buried or let off in to a stream.

    3. Only after these, attention should be given to urban waste. Your problem isn't "piece-meal" but "holistic" as an adjunct of a country-wide problem. Incinerate most of the dry waste. Compost the organic waste. Turn dry organic waste (rags, bagasse, decaying wood) to paper. Modern waste (Industrial) like electronic gadgetry should be recycled & plastic (umpteen number of Plastics are there each needing its own way to tackle)disposed off as per the laid down environmental procedures. Encourage these industries to take back the used up ones (like in the Lead-Acid batteries) for disposal at their end. There are enough number of people who are keen on "waste" & who see a fortunate in waste. Encourage them & entrust this work to them . Discourage Cemeteries & let the human body disposals be, by cremation as a religious rite.

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