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What do you feed your horse?

just curios how other people feed their horses..

What do you feed them? And how much of it a day?

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    I have a 9 y/o APHA gelding, who is 15.1, and built Englishy (not super stock horse thick). He is a rather easy keeper. He weighs 1,000 lbs.

    He gets 16 lbs of alfalfa per day, it's about 2 medium flakes twice a day, for a total of 4 flakes. He also gets a handful of a pelleted feed, 12% protein, and a dose of Manna Pro Show Glow and a joint/flex supplement.

    I live in the desert, my horse doesn't get any grass at all, except that I can hand graze him on the manicured lawn in front of the property (it's not really allowed but I sneak it here and there).

    My last horse was a senior OTTB who was a super hard keeper. He got 20+ lbs of alfalfa hay every day, plus 3 lbs of senior feed, Show Glow, corn oil and during winter he also got a couple lbs of hay pellets too.

    He was a stocky 16.3, very thick, who looked good at 1300 lbs. He ate A LOT.

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    My horse has 24/7 access to a round bale (grass hay) and water. He has limited access to grass pasture. He is fed a half pound of sweet feed every morning, which is not what I would like him to be on but it is what the barn I board at feeds all of the horses. He is an easy keeper and does well with what he's currently getting.

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    Because we decided to tear up our main pasture and plant oat hay and because my colt can't go out on our other pastures, they are being very 'abused' and have to be kept on about one acre with limited grass. They do get some turn out but the are very picky and refuse to eat the tall grass their isn't much for them. We let them have about 2 hours of turn out a day and free feed to hay. Because they are either senior horses or my colt we give them grain and supplements. Soaked beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, grass hay/alfalfa mix pellets, fat supplement and a high copper vitamin. Our not 'special needs' horses are easier, 8 to 10 pounds of hay twice a day. turnout in the summer and they might get a treat of grain after we ride.

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    I have a 16-hand, 18-year-old QH gelding whom I use for light pleasure riding (2-5 hours/week.) My barn buys the larger square bales of timothy/orchard grass mix that are about 65 lbs apiece. My horse gets 3-4 flakes (about 20 lbs total) each day; somewhat more in the winter. At my vet's recommendation, he gets two 1 lb. servings daily of a 12% protein/10% fat pelleted feed (Southern States "Legends.") In the winter, when he tends to drop weight, I supplement that with two lbs daily of rice bran; in the summer, he gets two 2 oz. servings of wheat germ oil to maintain a glossy coat, as well as garlic to ward off biting flies. (Not sure if it really works, but figure it can't hurt.)

    The horses are turned out daily for 8-12 hours depending on the weather, so the also get a bit of pasture, but given the poor quality of the grass, their grazing really is more to keep them busy than a major source of their daily nutrition.

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  • 5 years ago

    I feed my horse half a small bale of hay and a scoop of feed every day

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    My horse is fed 3lbs of Triple Crown Complete and given as much hay as she wants to consume when she isn't turned out.

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    My mini is 24/7 on grass with a big ( huge ) round bale of hay all day. My standardbred is 15 and he gets 24/7 on grass and the same round bale of hay. He also gets 1kg of cool pellets and 1kg of this fattening stuff full of pollard and barley and stuff. He also gets 2 biscuits of hay.

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    one of my mares is on pasture(a ton of grass) and is fed sweet feed after she is cooled down from a ride to help keep her weight up.

    my other mare is fed two scoops of sweet feed morning and night and weight builder. she is also givin a good amount of hay and let out every now and then.

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    right now my horses are all on pasture. The working ones also get about two quarts of triple clean oats a day in two servings

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    Mine are all on pasture too, oats, minerals & vitamins & allinflex a joint supplement, 2 flakes of hay

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