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3 questions 1 do u need wifi to install gta v on ps3 2 if u dont need wifi then does it take a really long time 3 can i trade discs 4 discs?

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    1. No. The install is included with the game.

    2. It's not long but it's not fast either but then again I'm impatient when it comes to games. It's a 4 gb install.

    3. Sure if you're willing to pay the difference. Don't expect to get gta v for far cry 4 even though they came out around the same time. When you trade in a game you get what is the current price gamestop is buying it for not what it's selling it for.

  • 6 years ago

    1. No

    2. No it will actually take less time because without the wifi the system will not update the game. So you won't have any patches downloading.

    3. Yes, everything is saved to the hard drive. Not the disc.

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