Are Hip Hop & Rappers singers their origin is Jamaican?

There is one African Ugandan Man is telling me that all these Rappers & Hip Hop singers you see them are originally from Jamaica have US passport i didn't believe it first time he said it because i thought they are originally from US and how can they be all Jamaican if there voice is not very british there hair style and skin color What?! All these people meaning they became Jamaican if they are in the position of Rap & Hip Hop?! like Nicki Minaj,Lil Wayne,Snoop Dogg,T-Pain,Rick Ross and etc etc plus he told me they change their names also they don't know from where they come that's why they don't about like they say im from America this state and that

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    No, not all Rappers, or Hip Hop singers are from Jamaica, the roots of Hip Hop did first meet in Jamaica though, since it was a gathering point for all the trade towards the Americas.

    Where African melodies(because people often forget that African rhythms are orignally 5 counts, and 7 counts, like Irish-traditional music, rather than the European 3 count, or 4 count, so African rhythms, are technically African melodies, because they're almost all 4 counts, with a repetitive(samples, and loops) melody, to tie it together) met with European rhythms of Folk, and March-music.

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