Christianity and Social Justice. What do you think of the influence of Christian ethics when it comes to this issue?

(I)The founder of the term Social Justice was a Jesuit Priest named Luigi Taperalli who lived during the 19th century during the Industrial Revolution. He took St Thomas Aquinas's teachings on distributionism for the less well off and used that as a platform to advocate social justice. His teaching would be the basis of Modern Catholic Social Teaching with it's emphasis on the themes of Solidarity, Subsidiarity, Communalism and Justice.

(II)Starting with Pope Leo XIII encyclical Rerum Novarum on the working class, Catholic Social Teaching with it's preferential option for the Poor had a big impact in modern society. Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal Program in the Great Depression(with things like Minimum Wage, Social Security) was adapted from John A Ryan a Catholic Priest and Economist who adapted Rerum Novarum

(III)Many Social Justice movements of course flowed directly out of the Church. Martin Luther King Jr and Civil Rights Movement(Black Church). Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Anglican Church in the Anti Apartheid Struggle. Oscar Romero and Liberation theology in Latin America. Father Ximenes Belo in East Timor ending the genocide from Indonesia.

Seems like those Christians who practice justice are following Jesus's command "blessed are those who hunger for justice"(Matthew 5:6) and his command in Matthew 25:31-46 "whatever you do the least of these is what you do to me.


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    If they did more of this and less hating gay people, the world would be better off.

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      Open your eyes--it is the secular media that is pushing the issue. The Catholic Church always has and always will have compassion for those who struggle with any sin. Just because the Church denies that any form of self indulgence is the ultimate end to be pursued, we have become a target.

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  • G C
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    There is only the laws God set in all walks of life, and then there are the lies of men.

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