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why was canada middle power during the cold war?

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    "Why was canada middle power during the cold war?"

    Who says Canada was a "middle power", that statement could use some verification.

    Canada was where The Cold War, certainly in North America got started.

    "On September 5, 1945, Gouzenko stuffed 109 documents under his shirt and walked to the newsroom of the Ottawa Journal. He confronted the night editor, Chester Frowde...

    The Gouzenko spy scandal reverberated throughout the world. In the United States as in Canada, there was heightened suspicion and paranoia of communist spies. A more lasting legacy of Gouzenko's revelations was an increased the distrust between the Soviet Union and the West, helping ignite the Cold War.

    Lost to history or re-writings of it Canada like Britain were equal partners in The Manhattan Project... The Quebec Agreement of 1943 stating straight out the three were partners and any use of the device had to be approved by all three...

    After Hiroshima and Nagasaki Canadians were horrified, I mean really, dropping nukes on cities... granted maybe just a Canadian perspective but who really wants to be doing that to our own mankind and planet? That's not the sign of a great society and yes nuking civilians in cities isn't what Canadians want to be about.

    Canada choosing not to have nuclear weapons to use against the likes of you is hardly being "middle power" - it's standing pretty boldly in front as an example of what others should be doing.

    "The 1956 Suez Crisis was a military and political confrontation in Egypt that threatened to divide the United States and Great Britain, potentially harming the Western military alliance that had won the Second World War. Lester B. Pearson, who later became prime minister of Canada, won a Nobel Peace Prize for using the world’s first, large-scale United Nations peacekeeping force to de-escalate the situation."

    The DEW Line... it stands for Distant Early Warning, to get that early warning radar stations were created in the Canadian high Arctic.

    That's about as close to the front as you can get.

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization; NATO - founded members the USA, Britain and Canada

    That is being on the front.

    Canadian fighter aircraft routinely intercepted Russian bombers as they tested North American defenses.

    The first "Broken Arrow" (lost active nuclear device) happened in British Columbia when a US bomber crashed just off the coast.

    None of that, is "middle power"... that is more totally Cold War in your face and played right in your backyard.

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    after WW2 Canada withdrew from taking any action they did Not like the atomic Bomb they helped to create Became the First Country to Ban atomic weapons in their Country and handed over everything they knew about atomic weapons to the British

    Canada is a peace loving Country and many times only Offers Humanity supports Like doctors and medical


    they hate war and stand By their Magnificent Principles I love Canadians because when called Upon in 1939 11.2 Million People stepped up to the plate and spent 32 Billion on WW2 and had their own lend lease with the USA yes canada sold War materials to the USA

    Note in 1945 the Canadians had the worlds 3 Largest navy

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  • Edward
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    Soviet nukes would be fired at the US over the northern arctic. The US set up a series of small bases to detect any such launches; I think the DEW line was earliest (Distant Early Warning), followed by the BMEWS line (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System). So, essentially, The US first line of defense was on Canadian soil. The Kremlin was not pleased.

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