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3 arguments for this: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"?

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    Like now!!!!????

    A revolutionary act is one that goes against the majority AND results in a change in direction in the way a society acts.

    It is easy to go against the majority, but the act does not have to have a change in the direction society goes. In fact it seldom does. An example of someone who falls into this category is Jesus. Another person, though he did not see it in his lifetime was David Thoreau (Walden) who was extremely influencial. (Think Martin Luther King).

    The majority if deceived will always believe that the act of anyone telling the truth is always going to suffer when the majority hears of his act. He may become a martyr. Eventually his act will come to believe his opposition. Think Nazi Germany. If you were living in Berlin, would you dare oppose Hitler after 1933? Would you have denied your involvement after 1946? Yet there were people who died as Martyrs during that time period because they spoke the truth. Those who opposed Hitler during his rule brought about a different Germany where something like Nazi Germany could ever seriously arise again in Germany.

    I leave the third one to you.

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