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Wet Food For Small Dog?

To start this off: Please don't start a debate on which dog foods are crap and which are the only ones a dog owner would feed their dog. I know some foods are better than others but as long as my dog is getting the required nutrition he needs then I don't care unless there is just fillers and crap.

My 3 year old 15 pound Shih Tzu is a very picky eater. We tried to start him on dry food but it didn't take, he went days without eating! We then tried mixing it with broth and that was just disgusting and he'd only like the broth off. We tried mixing wet food with dry food and he'd try to only eat the wet food and left disgustingly saturated wet food behind.

We switched him to straight on wet food last year. In our small town there are no a lot of options and at the grocery store I had to choose between can's of Pedigree and tray's of Cesar's. I went with Pedigree because it would cost $30 a month to feed my dog. The problem was that for month's he had disgusting bowel movements and wasn't gaining weight. The vet told us that the food was likely fine but we should go for a different brand to see if the diarrhea would clear up.

So last month we started on the Cesar's trays and his bowel problems cleared right up. The problem is that the trays are regular $1 each and he needs 3 per day (technically 4 but vet said it was okay), that means that we're spending $90 a month to feed a single small dog.

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The store has no other wet options than their discount line, the high quality food at the pet store would result in a cost of $147 per month!!! I don't know if there are other options out there that are cheaper (that I could perhaps order) or if it'd be cheaper to make dog food myself. Or even if there is a dog food out there recommended for small picky dogs.

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    Other options? Yeah. Stop spoiling the dog and feed in a good quality KIBBLE. I assume the vet has not prescribed wet feeding due to medical need, and that everything (teeth, jaw, etc) works well enough for the dog to eat kibble?

    Healthy animals will not starve themselves if food is made available - you let the dog sucker you into feeding it JUNK. A few days without kibble won't hurt the dog unless, again, there is underlying medical. Dogs, animals in general, are NOT STUPID enough to turn their nose up at food when they are hungry. When the dog is hungry enough, it will eat. Period. It's called "tough love".

    Wet food is 80% water, which is why you need to feed so much of it to get even a PORTION of a dog's required nutrition. Nutrition which, depending on brand, isn't always even good to begin with - pedigree and cesar's is JUNK, which again is why you need so much of it to fill the dog up... it's just pooping out most of what your'e feeding.

    Wet food is also known to increase issues with diarrhea and causes looser stool, which in turn can cause issues with anal glands (IE they won't empty properly, meaning it has to be done for the dog and/or that there will be more impactions). Tooth and dental health tend to also be a problem unless you religiously brush the teeth to get rid of the "left over" wet gunk that builds up. Your chosen breed is already known to have issues with teeth and dental....

    Still think it worth it to spoil your dog? Find a pet store that sells a good quality (no corn, real meat, no by-products) kibble and stick to it. Have the vet check the dog over if you're concerned that she "can't" do kibble. Then employ some "tough love". Otherwise you're stuck feeding wet and helping to contribute to avoidable health problems.

    If you decide to stick with wet, at least try to find a better quality food.... Again, TRAVEL for it. Or order it online. Or through the vet. I would never feed Cesar's to my dog, there is ALWAYS other options.....

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    A diet consisting of only wet food will result in massive dental problems as your dog ages. If your aunt wants to feed her a totally wet food diet she will also have to brush the dog's teeth daily or provide her with crunchy chew toys to help keep plaque and tartar under control. Kibble does an adequate job of this, and in the wild they would naturally chew on and eat the bones of their prey for the same benefit. So yes, you can feed a dog a diet of just wet food, though remind your aunt that a high quality wet food is still 70% water, and lower quality foods only contain MORE water. With a wet food diet nutritional quality is a concern.

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    If you cook for yourself, you might find it easier to cook extra for your dog. Dogs ate the same as humans for thousands of years and did very nicely. Dog food has only been around since mid twentieth century and manufacturers will try to convince you that your dog will be Ill if they eat anything else - he won't if you have a healthy diet and may well live a longer, healthier life without dog food. Avoid grapes, onions and chocolate, but other than that, he can have the same as you. Be careful not to add salt during cooking and go for a variety of meat and fish - something different each day, the same for carbohydrates and veg. He will get all the nutrients he needs from a varied, healthy diet - and you will too!

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    I know how you feel my puppy eats hard food but it cost like $120 a month easy. Luckily I can afford that but not everyone can.

    I have read that you can feed dogs boiled chicken without the bones and rice but you would still need to give multivitamins to help with any other things he might be missing. You can also feed your dog, salmon or even lamb like the dog foods have. If your dog can't have grains I saw someone used chickpeas in their recipes.


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    The food your feeding your dog is horrible for his health and your going to end up paying for it in vet bills later. Unless your one of those people who don't take their dog to the vet because they "can't afford it". If thats the case your can watch your dogs life turn miserable in another few years and die soon after. If you cannot afford a dog, then don't get a dog. You need to start feeding your dog high quality wet food or dry (if you can find one to suit his picky taste- wellness, orijen or any food that is grain free and lists meat as its first ingredient. If your grocery store doesn't sell the correct food for your dog, order it online. There are loads of online stores that offer great prices on various dog food brands and even autoship the same amount of food to you every month. OR If you have a butcher near you, get your dog on a raw meat diet. Its cheaper then canned/dry food and much healthier too. I suggest a butcher because you can probably get bulk meat at great prices especially scraps and raw meaty bones. If there is no butcher near you, you can buy regular raw meat (stew meat, chicken breasts etc....ground meat is okay but isn't as good for their teeth like chunks of meat w/bone) Strip all meat off of the bones and mix with water and a powdered premix (you can buy online, has all vitamins/bone meal calcium that your dog needs) Give raw meaty bones with supervision throughout the day. It comes out to something like $1-1.50 a day to feed a 25lb dog (less for you because your dog is 15lb)

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    The dog is picky because you made it that way.

    Feed it properly, problem solved:

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