Does Al-Jazeera have a Muslim agenda?

I watch Al-Jazeera English every day because the news I get does not create any spins. They report the fact that events are happening and is very well-balanced and free of punditry. Their documentaries tell the truth of what's happening in the world and most of all, they represent the voice of all people of all cultures.

But some people like my father think that Al-Jazeera has a Muslim agenda to it. Well I don't see it that way because last week Thrusday when I was watching the Al-Jazeera News Hour, the two top stories on the June 18, 2015 headlines were attacks on two Chistian churches. 9 people killed in an AME church in the USA, and a Catholic Church that was torched in the state of Israel. (Neither any of these were perpetrated by Muslims). BTW I am a Christian but I didn't percieve these top stories on AJE as favouritism for Christians. Just after mentioning all this, do you think that Al-Jazeera has a Muslim agenda?

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    My friend you are terribly mistaken if you think that Al Jazeera does not have spin! You just happen to find that its 'spin' coincides with your own point of view. It is very difficult to acknowledge the other point of view by watching a channel which is, to you, controversial, but it is the only way to get a well rounded view of what is actually happening. Your father is finding it equally difficult by dismissing Al Jazeera as a channel only for Muslim views. But it is biased towards the Muslim world to an extent. The BBC is equally biased to the British point of view and the British Establishment, but that does not mean it is incapable of producing a good news story with as little bias as possible. The most mature way of ingesting news is to watch, and read a whole variety of points of view, even sometimes those which are blatantly biased or with views you don't necessarily agree with.

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    Perhaps, at least when talking about Al-Jazeera English. The original network does have a more Islamic spin to it, obviously.

    Al-Jazeera English has recently come under fire for being quite bigoted. There are alleged claims of misogyny, anti-Semitism, and bigotry against other persons. I don't remember if the women are claiming religion as one source of it, though from the other things present it can be safely assumed. I know there is also the claim that they've directed orders to hire a disproportionate amount of Arabs, and even replace other employees with such. It's not cited as much, but there are people who think that traditional Islamic beliefs are causing some of the upper staff to push certain directives. In the past, they've had trouble with a few anti-American claims as well, from internal correspondents.

    I'd be interested if al-Jazeera covers the Christian Diaspora from Muslim lands, since while these attacks are regrettable they're not the norm in either nation. That cannot be said about other places, and often attacks on Christians do go unnoticed in the media as well so it wouldn't be surprising if they do too. It really doesn't serve as evidence against a Muslim agenda, though, since a theoretical ones would definitely include instances where Muslims aren't the bad guy, but others groups. I can at least say that they don't represent all groups, particularly the Jews. The last story I remember reading from AJE was about a certain Jewish population, but completely misrepresented them and their concerns that the comments section was ablaze with those who had to point it out.

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    It was originally set up by a lot of people who were involved with the BBC world service. They do have a lot of reporters 'on the ground', which most news channels do not, in some ways they are closer to the news agencies like Reuters than a commercial channel. They operate out of Qatar, because the old guy who runs the place likes the fact they are prepared to tell all the dirty secrets about every other country and regime, and he is the sort of awkward character who likes that. He likes having them on the inside p===ing out on everybody else. This means that they do not dish too much of the dirt circulating about Qatar itself, but that is a small hole compared to some very big ones they can take aim at. It is a pity that David Frost is dead, he was a good while they had him.

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    Al Jazeera is about the most balanced news organisation there is. The reason I watch AJ is that they report the facts and they have more reporters in the Middle East than any other news organisation, so they give in-depth coverage and they actually know what is happening.

    I have heard people say that AJ is propaganda, but western news usually has a pro-US/Israel bias, so any real news is seen as something different.

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    6 years ago

    Qatar is anti Russia because of oil gas competition and siding with US - so it does have an agenda

    also Qatar is funding rebels to oust Assad in Syria

    RT - Russia Today is the most Christian channel

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    Do their anchors wear veil?

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