I plan on auditioning for YG Entertainment. Help?

1) I want to audition to be a YG trainee. But I'm in America... Will I have to pay for my plane ticket?

2) I'm not fat but I'm not a stick either. I am what Us would consider normal but Korea.... I WOULD be pretty (according to other peeps) if I lost a little weight but would they accept me the way I am.

3) My parents are Korean and I was brought up as a Korean but my spelling and vocabulary aren't perfect even if they are better than the average Korean American. I can at least hold a conversation while being able to follow along as long pretty easily as it has nothing to do with economics. They will teach me more Korean right?

4) I am able to learn any choreography easily but I'm not sure about freestyle..... That's fine right?

5) Does my age matter? I'm still in my early 10s... A lot of kpop stars weare in their early 10s so it should be OK right?

6) Um my voice is pretty good except before I drink water in the morning.... but it's not the best but will they help me with that?

7) How do trainees train? Like, what do they do?

8) I can rap other people's raps but I can't really freestyle so that won't help me would it....

9) What about schooling?

10) Please tell me any other additional information I might need. Thank you.

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  • 5 years ago
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    1. You don't have to go to South Korea just to audition. You can audition online.

    2. Don't worry about your weight. You're still young and you'll grow into it. TONS of not only K-Pop idols but just celebrities in general started off pretty chubby.

    3. I don't see why they wouldn't improve your Korean. SM did so with Tiffany Hwang (since she's from America but her Korean was shaky) and Amber Liu (Taiwanese-American), but there again, that's SM. If they can teach idols English, they can for sure teach you better Korean.

    4. Depends what you're going into. If it's singing, then choreography isn't that much of a deal as if you're auditioning to be a dancer. Learning choreography easily can be an easy talent for you!

    5. You'll be fine. You're right about that, and by the time you're done with training, you'll still be young and fresh--perfect!

    6. Of course they can help you with vocal technique. If you want to get better for auditioning, I'd say take private lessons from a professional so you have a better chance and probably won't have to work as hard for technique.

    7. Training is VERY extensive. During this time, they whip you into shape--physically, vocally, choreography-wise, language-wise, etc. There's so much that you do it's hard to explain, honestly. Be ready to be in training for a few years. Patience is key~

    8. Is rapping your main forte? If so, you would need experience in freestyling.

    9. You basically devote your life to K-Pop. Many K-Pop stars, like Minzy, have had to drop out of school because it is often difficult to balance between the two. In your case, you could probably attend an international school. English is usually a primary language in those schools, which would be great for you.

    10. I'm not going to lie--YG is pretty hard to get into. They're among the top 3 agencies of South Korean entertainment. You have to be devoted, determined, and sincere about what you are going to do.

    Anything else, just ask~

    Good luck!! 화이팅~!

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