Football questions?

Okay so i have 6 questions regarding football..

1) when there is a a fumble, and either side picks up the ball, does the play continue or is that where it ends?

2) What are the different types or blocking and how do you do them (videos are preferable) i am a newbie lineman... so im just trying to learn the ropes.

3) What is the difference between a guard and tackle/what is their job?

4) Is tackling from behind allowed..? or are there restrictions against it?

5) Can the ball be passed to any of the offensive linemen?

6) since the offense has 7 (or more) people on the line of scrimmage, and the defense usually has 3 or 4 on the line, what do the other offensive linemen do? i know 2 of them are receivers,but that still leaves 5 linemen against 3-4 defence, so what do the odd ones out do?

Best answer awarded to thorough clear and thoughtful explanation.. no links please unless its for the videos for the types of blocking.

Thank you!! :D

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    1) the play continues until there is a touchdown or the player with the ball is out of bounds or down by contact.

    2) Different teams use different terminology. My high school used A, D, L, DL, OL, R, DR, or OR, for passing. A was aggressive where you stepped forward to meet the defender. D was straight drop back. L and R were left or right where you turned to protect one side while the QB rolled out. OL & OR were where the line would take a step in that direction and then turn. DL & DR were drop back and turn. For runs we would do straight ahead, double team at the point of attack, fold, or pull. Usually the tackles would make that call at the line.

    3) guards line up between the center and tackle. All linemen block. If they're not sure who they look for OIL (Opposite, Inside, Linebacker in the order).

    4) You can tackle from anywhere as long as you don't facemask or clothesline.

    5) The ball can only be passed to the guys on the outside of the line of scrimmage or players who line up in the backfield. You have to have at least seven offensive players on the line.

    6) There are frequently double-team blocks and linemen also go after linebackers and defensive backs. Usually one of the blockers on a double team will peel off and look for someone else to block once the first defender is moved. The goal of the offense is to have every defender blocked.

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    1. If as long as the guy who recovers the fumble is not touched while down, the play continues.

    2. There's the type of blocking where you push the guy back or the kind where you push him away. Also, on run plays there's the type of blocking where you can knock people over.

    3. Tackles are on the outside and guards are on the inside, and the center is in the center. Their job depends on the play, but tackles usually have to be quick laterally to block defensive ends.

    4. Tackling from behind is allowed, but you can block a person in the back (push them in the back without them seeing it coming).

    5. Generally, know. But there's certain formations that you can pass to a lineman in.

    6. The offense usually only has 5 lineman. Sometimes TEs can act as lineman and/or relievers (going back to #5). But on most pass or run plays there's usually only 5 lineman a (l/r guard, l/r tackle, and a center). But if you watch football you'll see how 5 men can't block 3-4 defenders. It's a lot harder.

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