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Polls & Surveys. Would you marry someone you didn't love but respected?


Merry because you didn't wanna be lonely?

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    No. If you married someone you didn't love but respected. You're better off just being friends, nothing more. I wouldn't Marry because I was lonely. That's what Boyfriend/ Girlfriends are. It's kinda like a trial, error thing. People date, seek relationships to.. find it's idealistic " soul-mate" in time. That's why people get into Divorces. They don't go through the whole.. process step, some people can't commit to each other.

    U first lock eyes, and physically drawn to each other. Whether it's the face or something. But you like it's looks. Then you become friends, then.. it becomes lover/ friends. Then it becomes.. marriage/ friends and then family/ kids.

    So. ya. Um. No. Lucy. I don't take advantage of someone's heart, use it. I have a heart of gold. I wouldn't lead a person on or use someone to fill in a void or a rebound. It would be selfish on my heart since I am selfless.

    I am concerned about the person's feelings, and I don't want to " hurt" them. So. in order to be in a relationship a person must be sexually/ physically drawn to a person. Otherwise.. it will cheat if it isn't " true" to them self. U have to get to know it's personality, and like it's mind.

    Then.. you have to love not Just it's body, but it's mind 2. Why? Well. because we wrinkle, die and we rot from old age.

    You know Marriage is a tough thing for people to do, people get divorces because they're stubborn, don't want to work through differences. People marry at a young age, cheat. Why? Because they have experience other relationships or be with other people. People marry.. because they had " unwanted" kids, they have kids out of " spite, BEEF". Bad reason to get someone pregnant. You're not doing it out of love. It's out of Hate, competition.

    People marry for Financial gain, wanting.. things that they never got in life, become spoiled and in vain with it. They also develop a fat ego, and become self- centred from always getting what it wants, never learning to share and care for others.

    People marry.. for many " wrong" reasons. They marry out of " pure Pressures", like you... said. " Out of being Lonely, unable to find someone". People have booty calls, one night stands.. and a condom busts, other things. Someone gets " knocked up", then they're stuck marrying them.

    Some people were groupies, they sleep with someone and it's just lust, pop. A baby comes a long before.. marriage. It's consider " wedlock". Luckily.. some people are aware of it's personality, probably love them unconditionally, it's appearance to want to stick around, provide and take care of the child.

    People Marry out of Competition, and think it's a game. It really isn't. Then when they win, have it. They throw it away, and end up getting a divorce, cheating on them.

    I know this.. because my real father hated my sister's ex husband, she married him to Spite my father because of his race. My father learned to accept him, her. Finally.. my sister realized it was out of spite, not love. She began to hate him, divorced him.

    Just like my sister married the second guy, and he had a lot of " money". Surely. She asked me what I thought of him, told me he was " ugly". She said.. she wasn't attracted to " ryland", said he was so smart, married him for his mind. Sure. enough. Ryland didn't speak good english, and they fought and hated each other. She liked him because he came from a wealthy family, had money. She took his money, went on a shopping spree. She wanted money bc her last husband couldn't afford it.

    I told her u shouldn't date someone you find " ugly", you shouldn't date someone if you get the vibe he's gay. Sure. enough. Her instincts were right, he's gay. Now she has a daughter by him, and he was seeking a divorce behind her back. So. It's personality, everything didn't go well with each other. Anyways. She said he didn't have a heart, she said.. when she had sex with him. She said she wanted to vomit. U can't marry someone you're not sexually attracted 2.

    She said.. she's with her new name, he wants to marry her. I'm like.. alright. I hope it goes well. he's a virgo, and I don't know how it's going to work. She keeps dating " earth" sign guys, and it doesn't conjunct to her ascendant. He has a Leo moon though, so that conjuncts with her Sag Moon. Hopefully this marriage will work!! I don't plan to be in this wedding. It might end up in a third divorce which I hope not. Since my niece is calling him " daddy".

    Love falls under respect but I don't think it's the Deep love you're thinking about. Um. U sound indecisive, don't want to be married to someone if you're married.

    I would seek a divorce if you're not happy.

    . physically

    . mentally

    . spiritually

    These are the things you should look for in a partner but you won't have.. all in one. So. If I had to choose. I would pick a hot face over a butter body from a mentally insane person. If your minds don't connect, you're not each other's type. I suggest not diving into a relationship at all, don't take any of your Ex's back.

    It sucks but in life you can't have everything you want, you can't force a relationship on someone. It has to be mutual! I had to learn that the hard way. If a guy marries you, tells you.. " I like burnettes, and I don't really like Blondes". You can expect a divorce some where in the future.

    My best friend told me.. that her husband told her that, she's now pregnant with his daughter and hasn't had the kid yet. This is what I'm talking about being " SELFISH". You're only concerned about your needs, wants but you're not concerned about leading a girl on, being with someone you're not even sexually drawn 2.

    I told her.. u shouldn't have gotten involved with " chad", and that.. your ascendant which is a Leo doesn't even go with his Virgo Sun. Same thing with my sister. Her Libra Ascendant doesn't go.. with her boyfriends " Virgo. Sun. I am told my best friend is going to get a divorce again, and this time she has a kid. Her man has light hair, light eyes and she will get married again in her late 40's. She complained, said.. " yeah, right". I'm like.. well at least you don't have a guy who " loves you for your mind, not your body". Exactly, what does that mean?! I don't consider myself below average. I may be over weight but I am not " plain" looking. I am mixed breed, exotic.

    So. That makes me a little insecure to know he's not sexually drawn to me either, likes my personality. Considering I am still young which is a shady thing to say. But yea. I honestly.. don't know what she meant by that. But I deffo wouldn't marry someone who told me that. It isn't balance, and if that's the case. It would lead to a divorce. Not being married one time, and because I have a one track mind.

    Sorry. Looks counts, it would be selfish to get involved with someone you're not drawn to. In my eyes it has to be looks, personality. I couldn't be with someone who smelt bad, and didn't take a shower, was 400 pounds weight. I am a superficial, cruel person. Even.. though I have flaws but I am a B*tch, and I am aware of it.

    So. ya. Good luck with your marriage issues. I wish you nothing but the best!!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    No I'm already married

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    no never. I rather be single for the rest of my ******* life, if a guy isn't gonna love me or treat me right. I don't need a ******* man THAT bad.

  • 6 years ago

    If I respect someone I can learn to love him I think respect is more important. . Thats what builds love. How can I love someone I dont respect hmm?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    No. I'm marrying my boyfriend not my dad.

  • 6 years ago

    No because I don't really see the point.

  • Ann
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    6 years ago

    No. Without love, there is no real marriage.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    no, I'd rather be single.

  • 6 years ago

    never; because it takes more than resp3ect but it also takes honesty and love and creativity

  • 6 years ago

    It would depend on the situation, but I might.

  • Night
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    6 years ago

    Yes, why not?

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