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Gift Ideas?

I need gift ideas for my friend, she s turning 14 and she loves bethany mota. I already have an idea of what to get her but i want to get her something she would really like, has bethany made anything suitable for a 14th birthday gift? ( it doesn t have to be bethany mota it can be what ever you think a 14 year old girl would like

(She also like baking, DIYS and decorating)

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    Bethany is super into polaroids, but those can be a bit pricey, so look into in instax. If you don't want to do something so highend, what i did for my friends 14th was buy like 15 boxes of oreos and decorated the gift box to say YOLO: You Obviously Love Oreos. I also got her a necklace and a deck of cards that said: 14 reasons why i love you with a reason on each card. the thing that was a big hit was a simple and fun diy which was like 25 cards in envelopes.on each separate envelope was something like, "open you are bored" or "open when you cant wait for something" and inside of each was a card with advice or ideas on the subject. hope this helps!

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    So this is my idea:

    A Bethany Mota Inspired Gift Hamper

    get her some baking stuff, like maybe a big colourful mixing bowl and some cute measuring cups. Inside the bowl you can put some Bethany Mota inspired things, like items from her clothing line at Aeropostale (or an Aero gift card), her perfume, one of Beth's DIYs that you make for her, all items needed for one of Beth's DIYs that she can make with the instructions printed cutely with it. (it doesn't have to be BM inspired, it can be all thing she likes incl. or excl. BM)

    Other options are:


    Collage of you guys

    Gift hamper of all her favourite things (similar to the BM one above, but with ALL things she likes besides BM)

    A flashdrive with the two of you's favourite movies

    iTunes gift card (great for the gift hamper)

    shopping gift cards

    General gift hamper ideas:

    iTunes gift card, gift cards to her favourite shop, some of her favourite candies, a movie that she likes/you think she would like, a bottle of her favourite soda, a neckalce/bracelet/ring she would like (maybe from BM collection at Aero?), perfume (also BM?), DIY supplies like cute washi tape etc., a cute mug, a framed photo/collage of you two

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    Yes! Check out Bethany Mota's line of clothes made by aeropostale! Super cute and suitable for a lot of ages!

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    I'd get her this cute Bethany Mota tee and a cupcake pan to make heart shaped cupcakes. Maybe add one of those confetti cake mixes that come with multicolor sprinkles for the top!! : }

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