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Will bengals destroy everything? and if so can they be trained not to?

The only people I want answering this question is an experienced pure bred bengal owner Not a hybrid!

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    Yes, Bengals do their own thing. Mine would climb up on top of everything and totally destroyed my wine glass collection. I learned to respect the breed and give in to their need to go high, get active and need lots of human intervention for play. KC never wanted revenge, but she really needed her outlet for energy and that usually involved me or somewhere she shouldn't be.

    However, as I foster shelter kittens, she was great at training those kittens who was boss and those that stood up to her where the greatest kittens.

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    Bengal cats do what they want to and on their own terms. Give them plenty of scratching posts or cheap replaceable scratching cardboard mats, which my Bengal seems to like better, and they won't destroy your furniture (I hope). Also, get a cat tower if you can afford one and have room for one and they will be entertained for long periods of time. I used to have one and my Bengal loved it. It really just depends on the cat's personality, if they will want to destroy things or not. Also, some more advice, DON'T DO ANYTHING TO MAKE YOUR CAT MAD. It may get revenge. Domino, my Bengal, will pee on you or your things or knock stuff off the counter as payback. Bengal cats are one of the best cats ever!

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    Bengal cats are highly intelligent, far more so than the average house cat. That means they get bored easily because there is not enough to keep them busy or amused. That's when they go looking for "fun" things to do and damage can occur. I'm not saying they automatically rip things up but you leave them alone for too long and without anything to do and you're going to have problems and that's why a lot of them get sent to a sanctuary.

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    Hope the sites help.

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