Careers in Biology ..?

Careers in Biology/Microbiology that are steady, decent salary, and good outlook. Branches of bio to major in? Thinking microbio.

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    Anything tied to healthcare/medicine will likely give you a good shot in terms of salary and job prospects, but don't limit yourself to that if you are passionate about researching a particular topic that is outside the realm of medicine. And that's the kicker here: I think it'd be better to think about your career in biology in terms of research interests rather than entire fields. Fields are very broad and if you intend on attending grad school (which you more than likely will have to for a decent jumpstart for a biology career), start thinking about potential research interests. But for what it's worth, yes, microbiology is a great field. Just begin thinking about the types of questions you'd like to address if you do choose to continue pursuing microbio. Think about the stuff you are really interested in learning about.

    Some other fields to give you ideas of options, but remember that often times fields overlap and as you'll see, there are subfields within fields and you can get even more specific than that:

    Cancer biology


    Developmental biology

    Molecular/cell biology


    Virology (can focus in on a particular type of virus)


    Genetics (evolutionary genetics, human genetics, etc.)

    Evolutionary biology

    Marine biology


    Zoology (organismal biology, anatomy & physiology, behavioral biology)

    Ecology (systems biology, population ecology, behavioral ecology, community ecology, microbial ecology, etc. etc.)

    Various fields of study for particular groups of organisms.... (ichthyology, herpetology, ornithology, mycology)

    And remember, these fields are BROAD. There are all sorts of applications for the things you would learn in each field. Some of those applications are tied to medicine and human health, some to environmental sciences, some to evolutionary biology and phylogenies, some to the origins of life, some to life on other planets. You can really go anywhere and do anything when you speak in terms as broad as entire fields; that's why I would suggest looking at potential research interests (which, of course, you don't have to DECIDE on at this point in time, but be thinking about that).

    Disclaimer: This answer is really biased towards research careers (which is why I talk about research interests) but there are certainly careers in biology that are not based in research, such as lab work and biotechnology.

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