run Microsoft Word 2000 via winword.exe/a?

I am using Microsoft Word 2000 on my Laptop with windows XP, I HAVE TO run Microsoft Word via RUN--> Winword.exe/a, if no /a, it shows up "microsoft word for windows has encounterd a problem" , how can I fix this problem, I want to run word via ALL PROGRAMS-->Microsoft word, not RUN-->winword.exe/a. thank u for ur help.

1 Answer

  • Me2
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    If Word is running, close the program.

    Click Start and Run, then type


    and press Enter.  Rename to and then close the folder.

    Open Word normally to determine if the problem is resolved.  Note that a pristine version of is created when the program starts.

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