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If I'm not pregnant what do my symptoms mean? My symptoms are summed up at the end. Can I be pregnant? If it's something else then, what?

So it's been a month since I first had any sexual contact. I'm 17 and my ex and I didn't have sex but we grinded naked. Eventually he came on my stomach and right after we hopped in the shower to clean off. But could the sperm somehow have washed down into my vagina? So now I have developed vaginal thrush, (common among pregnant women) and I am constipated. Have a lot of gas and my side is sort of sore. I took 4 tests and all came back negative. I went to the doctor and also negative. I don't have anymore symptoms like sore boobs or anything. Just thrush and constipation and lots of gas. Could I be pregnant? My periods are extremely irregular so idk when to expect it so. And I've been really stressed lately cause I'm about to start college and I don't want to be pregnant so what do you all think? I also took plan b a month ago so that probably put my cycle out of whack. SYMPTOMS SUMMED UP: minor lower back pain, sore sides, constipation and excessive gas, vaginal thrush.

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    The lower back ach can come from stress. You dont really get back pain until you are very far into pregnancy and you would defiantly be showing if you were far enough along to get that type of back pain. There isn't a possibility for you to be pregnant at all. Even if sperm touched your area in the shower, it wouldn't have been able to get inside. Stop scaring yourself and if you are truly worried then you need to take a pregnancy test or talk to your parents.

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    You are not pregnant.

    Vaginal thrush is not just experienced by pregnant women, it is a common condition that non pregnant women deal with also.

    Constipation means you do not have an adequate diet --> fibre & fluid, exercise etc. This happens to non pregnant women all of the time and also men. It's not just pregnancy related, constipation is diet/exercise related, also can be caused by certain medications.

    You are stressed, your periods are irregular. You took plan b a month ago which will affect your cycle.

    Not pregnant.

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