According to Nostra Aetate and Catholicism: how does other religions truth compare to the truth taught by the Catholic Church?

If there is truth in other religions. This is catholicism thing that I have as a question which I have NO IDEA how to answer.

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    6 years ago

    One member of the Catholic church a priest said most people who go to the Catholic church believe differently. They have no universal code of laws and rules that everyone obeys. Many women good Catholics use birth control. Yet the church is against that. Many do not believe in eternal torment or even the trinity.

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    there are many truths in other religions , but there is only the one true word of Jesus Christ , and his word has never altered in the 2000 plus years of the One, true, hol,y and apostolic church when dealing with faith and Morals only, the Catholic Church stands above all others. the reigning good Shepherd of John 21 :15-19 . Luke 10 :16 John 20;23 is the holder of the keys as given to peter in matthew 16:19 and is passed on as in Isaiah 22;22

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    Start at the beginning. There is one universal Catholic church until 1000Ad when it split with the Orthodox Church. Thus all churches, ministries n cults are the run-away sons of the CC.

    Consequently due to its beginning, their teachings that align with the CC is truth per se.

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