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Is purina beneful dog food bad?

I heard that purina beneful has been known to give dogs seizures and in some cases kill them. Is this true? Cause my mom keeps buying the food and I don't want my dog to die. Thanks.

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    YES, Beneful falls in to the category of unhealthiest pet foods on the market. I have listed the ingredients of the Adult Formual below and I want to highlight a couple of things for you.

    Beneful Adult:

    -Ground yellow corn (should NEVER be in pet foods, cheap filler that dogs cannot digest)

    -chicken-by-product meal (should NEVER be in pet foods, these are the feet, feathers, beaks, organs of dead, diseased or other chickens unfit for human consumption)

    -corn gluten meal(shoule NEVEr be in pet foods, this is simply the residue left after corn has been processed for other things)

    -whole wheat flour (should not be used as wheat is one of the most common allergens for dogs and provides no nutrition)

    -beef tallow (this is beef fat, which offers not nutritional value as most dogs do not digest beef and the fat is not the proper type to make their coats shiny)

    -rice flour (should be the whole grain, not just the flour)

    -beef (dogs do not digest this very well)

    -soy flour(another common allergen for dogs)

    This food does not have any meat in it except a tiny portion of beef which the dog can probably not even taste. This food is both disgusting and a great example of Purina prodcing cheap foods just to try and make a profit.

    Compare that to Innova which is the HEALTHIEST pet food currently on the market.

    -Turkey (good)

    -Chicken (good)

    -Chicken Meal (great)

    -Ground Barley (good)

    -Ground Brown Rice (great)

    -Potatoes (good)

    -Natural Flavors (good)

    -Ground White Rice (good)

    -Chicken Fat (okay)

    -Herring (good)

    -Apples (great)

    -Carrots (great)

    -Cottage Cheese (good)

    -Sunflower Oil (good)

    -Alfalfa Sprouts (great)

    -Egg (excellent)

    I don't think I really need to say much to convince you that Innova is obviously a superior food and provides your dog with ingredients from all five food groups while using whole fresh, human grade products.

    You will NOT find a holistic, high quality pet food at any Vet or grocery/department store. You need to go to a pet speciality store and find ingredients similar to those in Innova.

    You would be amazed at the difference in you dog if you switched to a better food. they will have more energy, less trips to the vet, shiner/healthier coat, less "waste", live longer, and so much more.

    DON"T be fooled by all of the big companies and vets out their pushing the "popular" brands of foods. Use common sense - if you wouldn't eat it, why force it on your pet?

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    Source(s): Perfect Paleo Recipes Cookbook - http://paleocookbook.raiwi.com/?RmQG
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    Certainly very bad.... I would never consider offering such junk to any of my dogs.

    Dogs have pointed teeth in order to eat meat Purina beneful is anything but meat in fact it is mostly grain and fillers. It also has a fairly high potato content (starch) which is of no benefit to your dog whatsoever as it is not equipped to digest starch ya see Hence it has pointed teeth.

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    Beneful is one of the worst quality dog foods on the market in terms of its ingredients, and my opinion of it is made even worse by their intense mismarketing of the food as "healthy". It's loaded with sugar, artificial colorings, nonspecific byproducts (including rendering plant products that can contain euthanized animals, drug residues, etc) , and other highly questionable ingredients. Yes, it has been involved in multiple recalls. Yes, dogs have died or become seriously ill eating it.

    Do some dogs who eat it live long and relatively healthy lives? Sure. So did my neighbor who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for close to eighty years and subsisted primarily on oreo cookies, canned soups, and cola. No one would ever advocate that as a healthy diet. She died at 97 having spent time in the hospital only for a broken hip sustained mowing her own hilly lawn when she was 92. Some dogs (and people) have good genes and live long and healthy lives in spite of their diet.

    The actual full list of ingredients for one of their formulas is here: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/ben... The list posted by someone else is incomplete, there's plenty more highly questionable things in the food like animal digest, sugar, menadione (a synthetic vitamin K supplement toxic to kidneys, lungs, liver and mucous membranes), multiple colorants, and other chemical additives.

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    It's certainly NOT the best, but not all dog food suits all dogs and fact is it may be fine, for your dog. It's not a food I'd use however. I prefer to avoid anything listing cereal first because that's what it mainly is. I'd look for something listing meat, or fish, as the main ingredient (first listed) BUT again, this could be a case of 'if it ain't broke' ....... If you do switch, do it gradually over at least a week or you'll upset his digestive system.

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    I had no idea that beneful was a bad dog food brand till now oops. But I am only 15 so what do I know. However its not that bad because I have a golden and she is 14 years old healthy and still going on strong.

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    it isn't the best dog food, by any stretch of the imagination but unless there is a recall, due to something specific the food is ok and the dogs will be fine. I wouldn't worry about baneful any more then I would worry about feeding the dogs any kibble. I have three dogs currently and have had dogs my whole life.

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    Its garbage

    It all corn, cheap fillers and the like. The meat sources of cheap dog food is dead and dying animals, road kill, animals put down at vets offices and the like

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