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Can someone please share their experience with Alaskan malamutes?

I asked this before but I suppose I need more information about me. I m considering getting one, I live in a house with a medium fenced yard. Also I live in Canada where the winter months are very long and cold so I don t think the climate would be a problem for the mal, there s no young children in the family however I do own 2 other dogs, a male Aussie and a male Pomeranian. My Aussie isn t neutered but the Pom is. I ve read somewhere that malamutes can be aggressive with other dogs, is this true? In general is aggression a common thing with malamutes? Should I be looking in to buy a male or a female malamute? Can someone who owns or has experience with malamutes help me out

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    Maybe aggression isn't the right word. My experience with malamutes is that they are very dominant. Your intact male sounds like the alpha. If the malamute wants to be the alpha you may get some fights. If you really want a mal, I'd recommend a young, spayed female.

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    Mals aren't very easy to train. They are trainable, however, just don't expect border collie speed of learning. Also, there is a phenomenom called "the Malamute three seconds." This means that it takes a Malamute about 3 seconds before it obeys you. I would definitely get a female and spay her.

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    1st theyre really cute and can get really big make sure to give it a bunch of excrise and room! but let me tell you something They do not get along with other dogs!! and they do not train good my friend owns one ! You live in canda and theyre winters are cold so maybe thick skin.. also you need a friendly but a dog that dosent need that munch space I have some ideas maybe..






    .golden retriever. good luck!

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    I use to dog sit this mal and he was the sweetest thing ever they had one other dog after him and he was completely fine with it, but I do believe that one of them was neutered, if you do get a mal I would just get him neutered.

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