Resin crafting help!?

to all my resin crafters out there

I am a polymer clay crafter who has finally started the resin game. And I won't lie I'm struggling!

I have two questions and I hope you guys are able to help me out:

1) I am having issues sealing my paper stickers. I have tried tape, and modpodge but the tape

Makes the sticker curl and the modpodge is visable through the resin I also still get water marks , should I attempt at using crafters delights method and cut closer to the sticker? What am I doing wrong?

2) I see many sellers with hello kitty Sanrio, Disney, etc merchandise and they sell it no problem no deactivations nothing? yet I keep getting flagged and my items keep getting deactivated? So how can I sell anything in those categories like other sellers ?

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  • 6 years ago

    First, are you putting tape on both sides of the sticker? Often just putting tape or paint, etc, on one side of something will result in curling.

    And/or you can glue down your stickers (then dry) if you don't want them to float.

    I think most people seal papers that need to be sealed with Mod Podge (or just any PVA glue that's been thinned down with water--same thing) before using them in resin--sometimes more than one coat. Other clear-drying sealers can be used too, like acrylic gloss mediums, etc.

    I'm not sure why your *Mod Podge* should be visible in the resin though...that shouldn't be the case. If it looks cloudy, you probably didn't let it dry well enough before encasing it in the resin.

    When you say "water marks" though, are you thinking of darker blotchy areas that can show up on the paper after sealing and in resin? If so, you probably just aren't sealing the very *edges* of the paper as well as the fronts/backs, and therefore water can wick in from those edges--that can also cause later bubbles sometimes. (Also be sure you're allowing sealed papers or other non-permanent items/materials to *thoroughly* dry before using them with resins.)

    You can also then dip sealed items into resin then let cure 4-5 hrs, before using in the final resin if you want.

    There's lots of info about using resins in some of my previous answers if you're interested, and they'll also have a link back to the page covering resins on my polymer clay site if you're interested:

    When you mention "deactivations," which site/etc are you referring to?

    Actually though, it's illegal to *sell* anything that has a copyrighted or trademarked image on it (unless you bought it that way, or the copyright/etc has finally expired) since you'd be "profiting from" someone else's (often a company's) protected images without permission (and many won't grant permission, or do it only for a certain number of uses).

    Many people just don't get caught unless they come to the notice of the copyright/trademark holder (Disney in particular is very aggressive in going after sellers).

    Some people or their work is just easier to find (online or even at craft fairs, etc) than others. You'll still see people getting away with it, but that may not be forever, and also some companies and people can't afford to search out and sue people who do it--they may well send cease-and-desist letters though.

    You may just also have "enemies" who are on the lookout to report you for whatever reason. It could even be the sellers who are getting away with it and don't want competition.

    As for any special "categories" they might use, the only thing I'd know is to check out the categories and also keywords they use at the site you're dealing with. Perhaps also find other people who get away with it as well, and compare all.

    You can read more about that in my previous answers here if you're interested:

    (++ one more link below)

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