2 packages delivered to wrong address? same place too?

well, I had two packages shipped to me from two different sellers (one on ebay and one impendent seller) and apparently both packages had been delivered to the same wrong address at the same time. I am not sure whether or not this is the fault of perhaps Canada Post or something. My mailing address seems to be in order from what I gave both sellers (and on my Paypal it is up to date and correct as well) so now I am confused how this could possibly have happened...

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  • 5 years ago
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    both packages delivered by the same delivery person.

    both were delivered to the wrong address because the delivery person thought they had the right address.

    i doubt it's the fault of the seller, unless the wrong address it was delivered to is your old house address, then it's possibly caused by miscommunication or paypal not updating and sending out your new address.

    contact the seller, check your paypal accounts transaction history, look at the details of the order and see if the address is correct or not.

    ask the sellers which address they posted to, becuase they will have it on their paypal transaction history.

    you will also have the address if you were sent an invoice.

    not sure what you can do about this, if it's the postal companys fault the seller will have to contact them for compensation or reimbursement.

    • Sarah5 years agoReport

      thanks for your suggestions and such! Turns out the tracking info was wrong for both packages and I found both packages in my mailbox haha. I should have checked there first whoops.

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