I am building a rural house i was wondering if anyone can give me information about getting a tower to set up fast internet like 40 mbps i heard u can get a tower for internet set up in manitoba

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  • Adrian
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    5 years ago
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    You would have to find an ISP that has a tower to send the signal to you. It is possible, but not too common.

    Assuming you can find an ISP with a tower within 25km of your location, and you have clear line of sigh to that tower, you would need the following:

    1) A tower of course. Probably 30 to 50 feet, depending on distance and line of sight.

    2) ISP has to provide a signal in your direction.

    3) You need equipment to link to the ISP tower. Often the ISP provides the "CPE" (Customer Premises Equipment). That is basically a wireless bridge back to the ISP.

    4) The CPE may be in the house, and a coax runs up the tower, or the CPE is an outdoor unit mounted on the tower, and an outdoor rated Ethernet cable runs to the house.

    5) You plug your router into that CPE Ethernet cable.

    Now, it is possible for you to run your own wireless bridge anywhere from a few hundred feet to 20km+ if you can find anyone in that range that can provide any Internet service (share with a neighbor who is closer to town?). Vendors like Ubiquity make many different version of wireless bridges, Access Points and CPE equipment at reasonable prices. I use a NanoBeam M5-19 to bridge to my ISP tower (I have access to their networking since the tower is on my property). Each device at each end is in the $100 range. Your tower will cost a lot more.

    So, the real problem is finding a source of Internet that is within a reasonable range. It could be the ISP, it could be a neighbor 10km away, or some other source. You then try to make the wireless bridge between the sites. If an ISP is doing it, they will likely do it all, except for your tower... If you are doing it, you need to provide your own tower and equipment at each end.

    A tower has to be stable, not move much in the wind. Thus, a pole or TV type tower is usually not good enough over 30 feet. If you have a big silo of some sort, that would be a good place to start. For used towers, check with defunct radio stations, TV stations and ham radio (or CB) groups.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You should have a CB radio too if you are way out in the middle of nowhere.

    I think you can get internet by Satellite dish, that might be a possibility, unless the speed is too slow.

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