pokemon team advice for sapphire?

I just beat elite four, captured legendaries, etc. on sapphire for gba. I was about to finish pokedex but decided not to because there was no reward and was a waste of time otherwise. so, I've decided to start sapphire once more, as it's my favourite of the series.

instead of creating the same boring team I always do: (water starter, pikachu, castform, dragon type, Wobbuffet and hm slave) I want a unique team. (like maybe cradily or lanturn?) include moves set if you like.

thank you in advance

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    Here's an interesting sapphire team I've wanted to try. I'll explain my choices after I list the pokemon.


    Leaf blade

    False swipe

    Aerial ace/Dig/Earthquake




    Hyper beam

    Shadow ball

    Fire Blast


    Calm mind





    Mach punch

    Sky uppercut

    Stun spore




    Rock smash








    I chose sceptile as the first pokemon because you said you're looking for a unique team. Treecko is probably the most challenging/interesting starter to go with.

    The next three pokemon you can catch all before the first gym, but they are indispensable and easily some of the best pokemon in the game.

    Slaking has stats comparable to the strongest legendary pokemon, like mewtwo and groudon. However, he has an ability that prevents him from moving every other turn. This isn't much of a problem, however, because you can switch out after you KO something with it. Hyper beam pairs very well with slaking because he can't move every other turn anyway.

    Gardevoir is this team's resident psychic type. I chose her because she can learn thunderbolt and you have to trade to get alakazam. Ralts and Kirlia are annoying to train, but gardevoir is really good.

    Breloom is one of the best fighting type pokemon in the game, and my personal favorite pokemon. This one is pretty straightforward. Sky uppercut is his main attack, mach punch serves as priority (like quick attack), and breloom can use stun spore to paralyze any threat he can't deal with and use headbutt to make them flinch until they lose.

    Tropius and tentacool are HM slaves. They can together learn every hm in the game, which is really convenient, so you don't have to worry about teaching your main team bad moves.

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      excellent thank you

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