How did light hide Naomi's body?

Her body was never found, I don't remember what he wrote down I only remember that he wrote her to commit suicide how was her body never found? Surely it would've been found eventually. Was this ever revealed?


In the anime Death Note

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  • 5 years ago
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    He gave her 48 hours to find a location where she could kill herself and wouldn't be discovered then to execute that plan. Her body was never found. However, L was notified of her mysterious disappearance and came to the conclusion that she had important information and Kira got to her first.

    It's possible to leave your body in hidden places where they may not be discovered for a long time. For example, she could have gone deep into the wilderness and done it far from the eyes of civilization.

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      That makes sense! I never considered anything like the wilderness. But now that you mention it I remember hearing about a famous suicide spot right by Mount Fuji where the bodies were hard to recover due to the dense forest. Maybe someplace like that!

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  • 5 years ago

    Light Yagami [AKA Kira] owns a notebook called Death Note, in which he can cause the death of anyone he chooses and in any manner he specifies. Using the Death Note, Light caused Naomi to figure out a way to kill herself so that nobody would know and her body would not be found. And it was never found. This is the case both in the Anime and in the live action movies.

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