What's wrong with my Nikon D90? All my night pix have a glow in the upper left corner.?


The glow remains, but is smaller, on shorter exposures, such as 1 second.

Update 2:

Tried various environments for light leak. Couldn't find any variation due to ambient light from various directions.

Update 3:

The photo.net article is about the Nikon D80, not my D90. This is relevant because the D80 had CCD sensors, the D90 has CMOS. Different amplifiers. But, it could be relevant, maybe the amplifiers for the upper left corner have gone. It would have to be a recent event though, since the night before I shot 50+ shots of the Perseids with no glow. The article byThom was describing an inherent flaw with new D80s, not seen in the D90.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Possibly due to over-heating on long exposure. Or the sensor could be starting to fail.

    See the info in the link below. Almost certainly sensor overheating or possibly un-blinded viewfinder

  • keerok
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    6 years ago

    Light leak? The D90 is old so I'd expect something fell off somewhere inside.

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