Is it hard to learn punk drumming by yourself?

i wanna learn punk style drumming by myself. Do you think it's possible to learn it through books and videos tutorials? I have a background in classical guitar and bass, so I know about keeping rythymn. Is it possible to play some punk drum beats in about 5 or six months with some nice fills and stuff? And could I even write some beats of my own for my own musical project?

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  • Jeremy
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    5 years ago
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    Yes, it's absolutely possible!

    I started learning drums before I had a kit. I'd listen to songs, try and pick the drumbeat and tap with my hands and feet to learn the coordination. It may sound silly (tapping on your knees lol) but it works, especially in the beginning.

    I'm assuming you know what the different drums sound like. So you could hear a beat and try and copy it, yes? If it's hard, slow the beat down and just keep playing it slowly. If you find it difficult, and you're slowing down trying to get the coordination right - then you are definitely 100% on the right track.

    And yes, even without a kit.

    Punk can be hard, mostly because it's so fast imo. But the beats themselves are usually pretty straight forward. So go for it.

    But remember drums are a very physical instrument. Knowing the beats in your mind is one thing. But being able to play them is another. But the advantage is, you can practice the coordination aspect of it anywhere!

    So yes, absolutely possible to get reasonably competent in that amount of time.

    -Slow down the beats to learn coordination.

    - Practice constantly, tapping anything to learn coordination.

    - And play along to songs that you like to make it fun.

    Good luck.

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  • 5 years ago

    Yes its possible I have self taught myself how to play many different kinds of music on the drums. Its up to how much you really want it, if you really want it go out and get it.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Sure, you need to have a little natural coordination though, so that might something you need to get right to make it tight.

    Some easy punk-beats:

    Youtube thumbnail

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