science "knows" of at least 5 mass extinctions across the globe. why is the "flood"not considered one source of such events.?

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    5 years ago

    The flood is believed to have been a 'local' event only in the then 'Known world'. As it affected such a small area it could not be considered as a mass extinction event. Did you know that the Bible was not the first account of the 'flood'.

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    5 years ago

    when you start to "consider" something you gather all the evidence you can about it then sit down and do your "considering"

    Problem with the "Flood" is- the only thing that says it happened is a book, just 1 book

    Is there any evidence that the earth was flooded to the depth claimed in the book - none at all

    Has anybody any idea where the water came from to create the "flood"?, or where it went to afterwards?

    No idea at all

    (except fanciful ideas from creationists who ignore every physical law and the physicall effects their claims would create)

    Once you get to that point- what is there to "consider"?

    (I did a rough calculation on how much water would be required to fulfill the claims in the story

    it came to 7 times as much water as we can see on earth today

    If we cant see it now then the only place it could could be is under existing oceans. And THAT would required an ocean 60 MILES deep covering the entire globe under the current oceans

    Now you explain to me how volcanoes could push up molten rock through all those 60 miles of water without us noticing it and still arrive on the surface as molten.?)

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    5 years ago

    Science "knows" of at least 5 mass extinctions across the globe. why is the "flood"not considered one source of such events.?

    Because it was local

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    5 years ago

    There are at least two pernicious factors at interplay with regards to mass extinction: the first is human over-fishing in the worlds oceans where many species have been reduced with up to 90% in a few decades. The second is the increased acidity in the world's oceans that originates from the rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Unfortunately the acidification is happening way too fast for species to be able to adapt to the changes.

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  • 5 years ago

    well, if the great flood of noah actually existed, then you would consider your self "the children of noah". it is very possible that you are the direct decendent of noah and his family from the ark. all you need to do is to have your DNA tested. this can pinpoint in what populations your ancestors were originated: to a 70km. area in 4000-years past, to within 700km. in 6000-years past.

    if the creationist are right and the world was created only 6000-years ago, then the great flood and the noah story would be within an acceptable range.

    Mixed genes: Interactive world map of human genetic history reveals likely genetic impacts of historical events


    February 13, 2014




    When individuals from different groups interbreed, their offspring's DNA becomes a mixture of the DNA from each admixing group. Pieces of this DNA are then passed along through subsequent generations, carrying on all the way to the present day. Researchers have now produced a global map detailing the genetic histories of 95 different populations across the world, spanning the last four millennia.


    human admixture, population science

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    5 years ago

    I think it would help if you could name the flood to which you allude. I think based on the other ridiculous question that are frequentlk posed here that you refer to the story in the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah about Noah et al.

    It isn't counted for one reason, but it's the best reason, it didn't happen. A flood that covered the world in the manner described in the story would leave evidence. There is none. I repeat it didn't happen. It's just a story.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Noah's Ark: A biblical story with moral underpinnings, but lacks actual evidence for its occurrence; both the Ark and a World Wide flood. From a scientific perspective and our knowledge about how nature works, a critical analysis of the story is shown at: After you read this analysis, you will see why the story fails the evidence test, not just on one aspect of the story, but on hundreds of logistical and factual inconsistencies with present day workings of nature. It's one thing to have a belief that God Did It, it's another to twist reality and ignore the evidence from biology, geology, demography, and even the science and physics of ship building (that is covered in the article) that makes the story impossible.

    Although repeated endlessly by Creationists, about the evidence for a world-wide flood, there is no evidence. Read: Nor as an integral part of the myth is the earth only 6,000 years old

    In addition, Creationists will tell you the 8 people on the Ark had enough time in only a few thousand years to repopulate the earth and contribute to the genetic diversity of present day human populations. A careful analysis of that assumption from the perspective of molecular biology, population genetics, and demography (human populations over time) shows how improbable and impossible is that scenario.

    Humans evolved over 200,000 years ago in Africa, and that we do have evidence for. and mitochondrial DNA shows the migration patterns of humans out of Africa:

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  • Because, just like OJ Simpson's promise to find Nicole and Ronald's real killer(s), it just didn't happen.

    There was no worldwide flood

    If there had been, then there'd be clear cut evidence for it.

  • 5 years ago

    Because it covered the known world, which was the area surrounding the Mediterranean. The Black Sea is a remnant of that flood.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Because God is so perfect that he can do something as grand as flooding the world and not leave a trace of evidence. He's like the perfect criminal, leaves no clues behind.

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