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New Zealand vs Norway?

Which is the better place to live and why?

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    Interesting question! I am Norwegian (although born and grew up in Belgium) and I love my country. I have never been to New Zealand but our son has, twice!

    He and the girl who was to become his wife, were there, on a worldwide backpacker tour in 2001. Actually, they were there on the 11th of September. We were very worried in the days after this terrible event but, by phone, our son told us: don't worry, we are in the best place in the world! New Zealand is the closest to home we have been on this entire world trip!

    Later, after our first grand child was born, they even went back to New Zealand. To be honest, I must add that, at the time, he worked for SAS and could get cheap tickets! ;-)

    As a radio amateur, myself, New Zealand is the longest radio contact I have ever had. It is at the antipode!

    But I digress. To answer your question, the best place to live is where your heart is and ... Norway and New Zealand are certainly not the worst places you can do that! I believe Norway is a tad more socialist so if this is your political opinion, please come and visit us! ;-)

  • Norway

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    5 years ago

    Norway-just because I've heard the standard of living is exceptionally good.

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    New Zealand. Its a beautiful island

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    norway has a great education system and economy, but it gets super cold there.

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