Can't access a website across multiple devices on a network?

There is a single website that I cannot access on any device on my network, and I know that website works everywhere else (; downforeveryoneorjustme says it's just me).


- Tried using 2 different PCs with multiple browsers, a mobile phone and other devices. Did not work.

- Changing the network's DNS did not work.

- Accessing the website through its IP address directly did not work.

- Changing the network's IP address successfully by resetting the router and modem did not work.

- The Command Prompt using "tracert" and "PING" results in repeated "request timed out" logs.

- I can access the website successfully by using a proxy website.

- I contacted my ISP and it works on their end; they couldn't find a solution.

- The website isn't part of any restricted website list on the router.

- Although I cannot access, I *can* access

- This is the only website that gives me this problem.

The suggestion I've seen is that my IP address was banned from that specific website for some reason, however why did changing the IP address not resolve the issue, then? It's a confusing situation; I'd be glad if anyone had a solution.

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  • BigE
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    5 years ago
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    I'd email the webmaster for that site. Often when a site gets attacked, admins blacklist the WHOLE network because it is so easy to change external IP. Not your ISP network, just the approximate range you are using.

    They don't care they are blocking 253 or so legitimate users; they just want to block the one bad one.

    • This might very well be it, thanks. Not sure what I did to set their firewall off, but I'll be contacting them.

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  • 5 years ago

    Some sites also plant a cookie when they ban you as well as blocking your IP. Try clearing cookies and see if that makes a difference

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


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