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Debating on if I should buy this guitar or not?


So my local music store is selling this guitar. I went in played it and I put a little bit of money down on it and they are holding it while I decide if I want it. I love the way it feels and sounds the only thing I am wondering is that once you hit the 1k mark on a guitar it becomes an investment and I if I keep it for a while and one day decide to sell it, will a larrivee increase in value well such as a martin or gibson? Or would I have problems selling it? Also things to note, I am getting a car soon and saving for college, so I am also not sure if I should be financing something for a 100 dollars a month. Anyways, thank you taking time to answer this and helping me out. I just thought its a good deal

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    No way. If you've played like 4-5 years, maybe making money doing it, and/or already have like $25k+++ in a college fund and a good two-year old Toyota in the driveway, 'still a big maybe. Short of that, no friggin' way. Two hundred bucks gets you a decent acoustic (like a Yamaha 700 series), then 'bank the rest. College can, and should be, the adventure of a growing adult life. You can be exposed to all kinds of stuff, from hanging with people who do everything from kayaking to community Shakespeare in the park, or need a better computer, or find Love, or go for off-campus housing. Last thing you need is a monthly payment for a guitar you don't use much.

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    • Danny
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      Thanks, jb. See if you like one of those Yamahas while you're there. Then get the deposit bucks 'switched over, and you have a decent guitar.

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  • 5 years ago

    Already picked your best answer, but...

    Larrivee is a good company - they're part of the family of brands that make Godin, which is also a great brand. It should be a great guitar and well worth the money. So I would not discourage you from buying it if you can afford it - a player of any skill level can use and appreciate a well-made instrument.

    However, there are two problems in your scenario. One, I would never buy any instrument on the assumption that it's an investment that will increase in value. The instruments that sell today for much more than they were bought for new are vintage instruments that have become classics and are often rare. The modern new-instrument market is flooded with inventory and there's no reason to think that anything made in 2015 (including Gibsons and Martins) is going to increase in value by 2035 or 2045 or anything. It's rather like comic books; first editions of Superman or Batman comics will sell for thousands of dollars, but only because at the time they were made people thought they were junk and threw them out after reading, AND because in spite of that they became cultural icons. Back in the 60s people thought these electric guitars were a fad for kids or, at most, simple musicians' tools. It didn't occur to them that they would become cultural icons. You'll be able to sell your guitar later if you want, but probably for a fair used price of 2/3 what you paid for it.

    Secondly, the financing. If you can save $100 a month for fifteen months and buy the guitar straight up with cash, excellent, go for it. If this particular one has sold to someone else by then, oh well. There will be another great $1500 guitar available to buy a year from now, they still make them. But like Danny's answer that you picked as best, I wouldn't put yourself under an obligation to keep making monthly payments, not when you're a student with limited means and lots of other expenses to think about. Buy what you can afford now, today, and save up for an expensive instrument in the future.

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