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Should I trade away Brady for Forsett?

My starting 2 RBs are M. Ingram and L. Murray. So I'm in need of another RB. my backup QB is carson Palmer

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    I don't think you have any choice. Forsett is an every down RB in a fairly healthy offense. He's more valuable than Brady by a long shot.

    Palmer will be fine as part of a tandem, but you need to pick up another one. He's a great start at home vs the Saints in week one, but he's in a tough division. Make sure there aren't decent guys out there. Bortles is being overlooked in a lot of leagues, and he shouldn't be. This offense looks great. If not, these guys taking 3 QBs are nuts. It's just taking up bench space, meaning they're probably light at WR. Find one and do a 1-1 deal where you give up someone in the WR3-4 category for a QB with more upside if you want.

    But take the deal. Like I said, you don't have a choice. Your starters are pretty marginal as it is, and you didn't say what you have on the bench. So I'm not sure what went south in your draft. But someone is giving you a great shot to start fixing it! (assuming the trade has been offered).

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    No. Brady is no longer out for the first 4 games and should have a great season. Palmer is good, but more of an injury risk. Your RBs are adequate now. Keep Brady.

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    Yes. Although I like both L. Murray and Ingram, Ingram is injury prone and L. Murray is still unproven and on the Raiders. QBs are easy to come by and as the season goes on RBs become more scarce due to injuries. Take the trade.

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    If someone will take that trade, do it. You should see if you can pick up a better QB from the waiver wire, though

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    nahhh keep tb.

  • 5 years ago

    No.. thats a horrible idea...

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