Need some help figuring specs for 1st PS4 Game Console Pkg.?

I want to get a game console and the new Star Wars game hooked up on a tv for Thanksgiving, when the family including two sons in their 20s come to visit. There are so many choices of console packages! Does it matter what PS4 console or bundle I buy? Any specs I should keep in mind? Or should I just give my credit card to someone at GameStop or Best Buy, and let them put a package of hardware together...

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  • 5 years ago
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    Buy your own package. Best buy will only get you to buy stuff that you don't need. I was at a bb and the employee tried to get me to buy monster cables which costs over 100 when I could get some cheap brand for under 20. It's just as good except it won't lasts as long but by the time the cable breaks I would have moved on to a new tv which requires a newer version of the hdmi cable. The good news is that the ps4 includes the hdmi cable so you don't have to endure the monster cable sale pitch.

    All ps4 are the same. The only difference is the hard drive size. If you plan on buying lots of games or movies from Amazon, psn, Netflix, etc then get the 1 tb hard drive. If you plan on play 5-10 games then the 500 go will be fine. If you need more room for games just delete the games that are installed.

    For the bundle I would get the last of us since that's the best game for the ps4. Ither bundles that have good games include batman Arkham origins, uncharted 4 (future release). Assassins creed is sort of mixed.

    You also need an hdtv that has hdmi input. You probably have one but there are people that still uses crt TV. I saw a tiny crt TV at a dumpster several weeks ago.

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