garage insulation material?

I am wondering when I use fiberglass as insulation material , fiberglass both sides we should put two different barriers to cover to avoid moisture getting in fiberglass. in front side(facing inside house/garage) , we put vapor barrier (plastic one) , and wall-side/ceiling inner side,we put another black color, PAPER-LIKE material, I'd like to know

what is the NAME for this material? Is it a MUST to put this " back paper"? thanks

1 Answer

  • Joe
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    In most climates, you install ONE and ONLY ONE vapor barrier, between the living space (source of water vapor) and the insulation. You do not install a second barrier between the insulation, and the outside wall.

    In some climates, where you never heat the interior and the outside humidity is always high, you may install the vapor barrier between the outside wall and the insulation.

    This vapor barrier is either plastic, or "Kraft Paper", coated with a tar-like synthetic.

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