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To the Microsoft 10 users, How is the new windows 10? fast? efficient? secure?

What are the goods and the bads?

Would you recommend?


What worries and confuses me is that its states, "Internet fees may apply"

what do they mean by that?

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    Good. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    See Below.


    Why Windows 10?

    Start Menu

    Continuum for tablet / desktop switching

    Cortana - your personal assistant

    Edge Browser (IE 11 is still installed if you need it for backwards compatibility)

    Windows apps on the desktop

    Improved built-in apps, e.g.

    Mail, Maps, Calendar, Photos, News, Weather, Sports

    Office apps now available from the Store

    Improved Search capability - in the PC and across the web

    Improved Settings app and control panel

    Action Center / Notification Center

    File Explorer improvements

    Windows Store improvements

    Phone Companion - Links your phone to the PC and other services.

    Task View and multiple desktops - Task switcher

    Windows snap to quickly enable multiple side-by-side windows

    Automatic updates and continual improvements as Windows as a Service kicks in.

    More secure and resilient

    Scheduled restarts if a reboot is required

    Improved Command Prompt window

    DirectX 12 for better performance in games

    Support app - find online tips or chat with Microsoft support online (everyone who upgrades to Windows 10 gets a free 15 minute support phone call to Microsoft).

    Much easier for developers to port an application from iOS or Android to Windows.

    Device Guard, which prevents applications from running unless they are recognised.

    Windows Hello, for biometric authentication.

    Secure Boot, which prevents malicious software from loading while a computer boots, thereby potentially compromising the operating system as soon as it starts.

  • 6 years ago

    I would recommend keeping the Windows version you are already running with infinitely fewer problems.

    If you feel strongly about getting Win 10, I would wait until at least January, and even better, March. The upgrade will still be free and many of the bugs will have been worked out by then.

  • 6 years ago

    Many people have experienced problems after upgrading to W10. I would not upgrade a computer if its availability is important to you. If you can afford to have the computer potentially out of action until a fix is found or you roll back to the previous version, then go ahead and try it, but if you need to be sure of a continuous service from your computer either stick with the previous version for a while and maybe do not upgrade at all.

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