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If a NATO country commits an act of aggression against a non-NATO country, are the other members obliged to intervene for the aggressor?

For example, if Turkey or Israel attack the Russian forces in Syria, will that still be considered an Attack on all Nations (so to speak)

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    First, Israel isn't in NATO. You could have just googled NATO and seen what countries are in it.

    Second, how many wars has the US been involved with that didn't involve NATO? There's your answer. NATO didn't get involved in Vietnam. NATO didn't invade Granada or Panama. The bulk of NATO had no part in Desert Storm or Iraqi Freedom (NATO had a small training mission in Iraq with involvement from a handful of countries).

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    Turkey (why they're in NATO is beyond me) would be the aggressor and the only thing NATO would do would try to calm things down...or would if we had a competent president.

  • israel is not a NATO member. neither is Russia. if Turkey happens to attack Russian forces in the region for some reason, there would be a lot of upheaval and calming things down from both sides.

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