What is your top 10 greatest rappers?

Try giving reasons. PEACE


1. Tupac

2. Biggie

3. Nas

4. Big L

5. Big Pun

6 Black Thought

7 Rakim

8. Andre 3000

9. Ghostface Killah

10. Ice Cube

My opinion

Update 2:

I like KRS-One

Update 3:

I changed by top 10 by the way. Rakim and Nas destroys all

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    1.) Black Thought

    2.) Nas

    3.) Andre 3000

    4.) Pharoahe Monch

    5.) MF DOOM

    6.) Ghostface Killah

    7.) Aceyalone

    8.) Del Tha Funky Homosapien

    9.) Common

    10.) Mos Def

    They're in my top 10 because it's my opinion :P

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Big KRIT


    Vince Staples

    Kendrick Lamar

    Lupe Fiasco

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


    Ice Cube

    That's enough rappers, can't do 10

  • 1 Nas - Pure dope MC...multiple great albums...Probably the only guy on my list that doesn't really have TWO classic albums in my opinion (The Lost Tapes isn't really a album per se). But his resume speaks for itself. Battle Tested and has stayed consistent for over 15 years.

    Rakim - A Style that was emulated by many. The man had one of the best flows at time and is a part of at least two classic albums (Follow the Leader and Paid in Full) that solidified his (And Eric B) name in Hip Hop History.

    Jay-Z - Same story as Nas...People try to sleep on his lyricism but i feel its undeniable that he was at one point a lyrical monster. He may be buns now....but his resume is one of the best in Hip Hop. One of the few artist that may have more than two classic albums (Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, The Black Album)

    Common - I spoke on great discographies...well Common may be a contender for that number 1 spot...Pure MC throughout...at least two classic albums in "BE" and "Like Water For Chocolate"...not to mention one of the best diss records (The B*tch in Yoo) in Hip Hop...

    Eminem - Everyone already knows....if you don't even consider Eminem among the best in hip hop you have serious issues...Two Classic albums (Depending on who you ask) and just a great resume in regards to music and lyricism.

    Ice Cube - This man is the West...Battle tested...lyrical beast...multiple quality albums and Ghostwriting credits...Even his more recent "Raw Footage" was impressive. Combine that with his Classic albums (Straight outta Compton, Amerikkkas Most Wanted, Death Certificate) and his slot should be automatic.

    Scarface - If Cube was the West....Then Face is the South....Another MC with at least a pair of classics under his name (The Fix, Diary). Consistently put out great music and was lyrically in-depth. He was pretty much the answer for anyone stating that the South wasn't about lyrics.

    Ghostface - Two classics (Fishscale, Supreme Clientele) and a long string of dope albums...possibly one of the greatest storytellers in Hip Hop. His resume is ridiculous not to mention he is a part of another group that is also considered one of the greatest in Hip Hop.

    Black Thought - While he doesn't technically have any solo albums...he was and still is the lead MC of the Roots through over 10 albums. He is probably the main reason The Roots are not only considered one of the best Rap groups...but one of the best groups in all of music. a phenominal MC to say the least.

    LL Cool J - a lot of people don't give him credit...others just discredit him because of what they think they know about him. Fact of the matter is that he is a battle tested MC is a long string of quality albums and two classics at least (Radio, Mama Said Knock You Out). He is one of the biggest reasons Hip Hop became such a power in the first place.

    KRS-One - His first 3 albums with Boogie Down can be considered among the best Hip Hop has to offer especially during the Golden Age. Anything before the turn of the century most of what KRS was on was quality. His style was unique even to this day and has proven to be a battle tested artist. A steady voice within Hip Hop, He's proven to be more than just music...which is also his philosophy towards Hip Hop.

    2 Pac - Probably has the biggest impact in Hip Hop. Has a very nice discography and was a capable rap artist....has made many classic songs and has at least one Classic album with Me Against The World. He was also very consistent in his ways and quality.

    Kool G Rap - Out the gate this man drop 3 amazing albums with any of them being considered classics. His style grew and evolved over time only showing that his ability to adapt was just as good as the products he created in his past. Highly influential, lyrical and a pioneer of Mafioso to boot.

    MF DOOM - The Undisputed king of the underground. There probably isn't an artist in the underground that has had a bigger impact than DOOM. Combine the fact that he has release at least two classic albums...one of which is among the greatest rap albums of all time and DOOM pretty much sealed his place among the greats in Hip Hop...

    Aceyalone - i would put him in the same boat as DOOM just with less impact...between his stellar discography and his legendary acclaim with Project Blowed, Aceyalone is clearly the most underrated (or maybe just forgotten) rapper overall.

    ...there....thats a top 15.....

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