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I got extremely hammered and cheated on my boyfriend who i love dearly!?

Okay, so about roughly 2 months ago this guy i dated for a little over a year when I was 14 invited myself and my friend Josie over to soem guys house for a big party, now this was a college party basically, and i didn't know anybody there so i stuck to this guy the entire time, my boyfriend, Jo, was gone on vacation with his sisters and mom so i djdn't bother telling him i was gonan go to this party, but long story short I kept drinking every single drink that was handed to me and i don't remember anything form that night, all i remember is waking up in the guys car completely naked, i eventually started to remember bits of the night and the stuff i remember i had so much fun, i didn't tell my boyfriend about the night or about the cheating and i went on with my life after he got back from his vacation, then my boyfriend drove away on the weekend to see his mom, his mom lives far away from us, and the ugy called me up again and i repeatedly got hammered and had sex with him again. He keeps texting me too btw and he wont stop, and i'm planning to tell my boyfriend. I completely regret those two nights and havent spoken to the guy since the second night and i'm not planning to i fele like **** about it but me and my bf r in a good place rn and this is gonna totally ruin it! what should i do?

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    you tell him the truth.. face your consequences.. eventually this guy contacting you gonna be noticed by boyfriend anyway

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