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Any good anime's?

So I've just started getting into anime and so far I've watched Elfen lied, Clannad, Death note and Hellsing (I'm actually on the 8 episode) I loved all of them. So any recommendations? Also you don't have to base your recommendations off the ones I've watched already. Thank you for your help in advance.


Thanks everyone for the answers :D I've watch Akiar is was great and I'm watching no game no life right now and I love it! Thank you again.

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    I recommend the following:

    Magi: the labyrinth of magic



    Hataraku maou sama



    Nagi no asukara


    No game no life

    Attack on titan



    Akatsuki no yona

    Steins Gate


    Shinsekai yori

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    Akira! If you like gore stuff then watch Akira! But it is an anime movie! A old one from (1988) Just check this trailer out

    Youtube thumbnail

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    sword art online, fairy tail, go to netflix and look up anime, or go to kissanime, they got a lot of options

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