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My solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict?

I am generally pro Israel support its right to exist as a democratic and Jewish state however I also understand the plight of the Palestinians.

here is a solution that I think will benefit both sides.

1.Israel should relinquish control of the Gaza strip to Egypt and the Arab citizens of that region should be given full citizenship rights by Egypt.

2.the Arab population living in west bank should be encouraged to move(with the help of the international community) to neighboring Muslim countries or other western nations such as Jordan, Iran, turkey or France.

3.Israel and its neighbors such as Iran and Saudi Arabia should free trade agreements with each other so that it would make war less likely due to increased economic integration.

what do you guys think


nnumsoya-I dont see why not. the gaza strip isnt very valuable land and most of the population if arab so its its a demographic disaster for israel to incorporate it into the country which is why I think the gaza strip will be better to go to egypt. and egypt is a u.s ally anyways

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    1 - Israel does not control Gaza.

    It was made an independent country in 2005 and has been attacking Israel since that time.

    It has started 3 full declared wars -- and claims to have beaten Israel in each one.

    For the rest of your idea --

    very far fetched

    What's wrong with the Egyptian proposal of this past fall --

    Egypt offered to give the Palestinians the entire Sinai to attach to Gaza make their independent country.

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  • dest
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    3 years ago

    Israel Palestine Solutions

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    Gaza and the west bank are the Palestinian State. Jerusalem is part of Israel. The Palestinian fundamentalist want Jerusalem to control a Muslim religious site which was built on top of a Christian/Jewish religious site. so Palestinians strap bombs to the bodies and walk into Israeli areas and blow themselves up and the Israeli's kill them before they can.

    There is no solution to the problem without the problem being the solution.

    The effective UN recognition of Palestine and the justified placement of Jerusalem within Israeli sovereignty defines the international recognized borders.

    At this point there are 2 states defined completely by the UN. for defensive action to be in the form of assistance to be provided to the Palestinians by the international community they must stop the rockets from entering Israel. in addition their must be a cooperative effort to bring to justice those who would endanger the community as a hole. until there is a cooperative effort by both sides to find peace. Rockets invading the sovereignty of Israel are considered an act of war by a foreign government. as would the invasion of Israeli forces into the west bank and Gaza.

    Both will need peacekeeping measures to mark the starting point or end point for full resolutions to be activated.

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  • H
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    5 years ago

    So, your solution to end the conflict is to strip of Palestinians of their identity and scratch Palestine off the map? Indeed - very fair.

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    ! Egypt does not want the Gaza Strip. Anwar Sadat refused to take the territory as part of the Camp David agreements.It was almost a deal-breaker.

    2.The Arab and Muslim countries do not want to take in the Palestinians.

    3. You do not enter a free-trade agreement with an enemy state.

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  • 4 years ago

    Israeli Palestinian Conflict Solutions

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  • saggi
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    5 years ago

    That's not a solution that's a delusional thought

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    I am not sure ....but do not you think that this solution is too KIND AND GENEROUS to the Palestinians and HARSH AND UNFAIR on israel...... BE FAIR and give israel some RIGHTS......LOL

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  • 5 years ago

    " 1.Israel should relinquish control of the Gaza strip" not happening.

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    • kaganate
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      Happened in 2005. Gaza is an independent country that declared 3 wars against Israel since that time -- and its government claims that they won all 3 or them.

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