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Judicial System in America?

If your'e Canadian, could you marry an American that wants to be president? Can a Canadian women be the first lady of United States??

Does the situation change if you wanted to marry someone that is American and wants to be Governor or Senator? Anything in the judicial system?

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  • Bob B
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    6 years ago
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    Yes, you can do any of those things. The First Lady of the United States is not an "official" role in government and there's no particular qualifications associated with it. There haven't been many that weren't born in the USA, but there's no official requirement for them to be there. There's no actual title "first lady of the united states" in the constitution, although there is an Office of the First Lady that reports to her.

    Theoretically, though, it can be anyone- it doesn't even have to be the President's wife technically. Occasionally someone else has been given the role if the President's wife is unable to fulfil it.

  • 6 years ago

    You can't marry someone who is already married, and that rules out most of the candidates. However, if the person wasn't married, and wanted to marry you, then you could.

    In theory, you could be First Lady, but only if the person you married won the election, which isn't very likely.

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