Can Someone Explain What Is Currently Happening In DC's Main Titles?

I'm wondering what is going on in the moment for DC's main titles such as Superman, Justice League, Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern

I heard for Batman something about in his fight with Joker they both died and they were brought to life with a Lazarus Pit but ended up losing all his memories, so now Gordon is Batman in his big blue Bunny Suit.

Can anyone elaborate on these titles currently. Thanks in advance.

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    Batman: In the finale of the Endgame story, Batman was killed while fighting the Joker. However, as he was near a Lazarus Pit, Batman was able to survive, but he has no memories of being Batman. No longer troubled by his parents' deaths, Bruce Wayne decides to spend his time working with a Youth center alongside his new fiance Julia Madison. Meanwhile, Gotham City still needed a Batman. The GCPD and the Powers Corporation decided to train a new Batman. As Batman's closest ally and a former Marine, Jim Gordon was selected to be Batman.

    Superman: After testing his new Solar Flare power, Superman realized that the power drained him of almost all of his other abilities; only his super-jump and some super-strength were left. After being near powerless, Superman was captured and was almost killed, until being saved by Lois Lane. However, to save his life, Lois was forced to reveal Superman's identity as Clark Kent to the world. Superman/Clark is now trying to re-adjust his life now with his identity exposed.

    Justice League: Set months before (or possibly after) the recent changes, a rogue Amazonian assassin tries to kill the New God Darkseid by sending the Anti-Monitor, a immensely powerful being who has destroyed universes in order to save himself. Darkseid senses an attack and returns to Earth with an army, just as the Anti-Monitor starts his attack. Meanwhile, Superman and Lex Luthor are forcibly sent to Darkseid's home Apokolips, so they weren't interfere with the ongoing war. Batman (who receives the power of a New God) and Green Lantern search the multiverse in an effort to stop the Anti-Montior. The rest of the League go off to stop the war between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor. That plan does not go well:

    I have not kept up with the Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern series.

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      Thanks a lot, Batman and Superman were mainly what I wanted to know what was going on.

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