In Canada, do you go to prison for doing drugs?

Like if you're a drug dealer, I get it. But like would someone be put into a prison for doing drugs?

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    That would depend upon the drug, whether you have a prescription, the amount, whether you are dealing or just using, how good your lawyer is, the number of arrests you have, possibly your age, how full the local jails are, etc.

    If the drug is covered under Controlled Substances Act and you don't have a prescription, or license to sell, then possession, selling, importing, etc. would be illegal. If the police catch you, you would certainly be arrested, tried, and (if found guilty) receive some sort of punishment. If you have a few grams of marijuana... police might simply seize it, or you might get a fine, community service, or probation. For repeated offenses or more serious drugs you might get months in jail, required to undergo a drug treatment program, etc. For dealing in large amounts or serious drugs... you could be facing a life time in prison.

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