I don't know what games to get?

Hey I'm a 13 and looking for some sick games I don't care much for shooters or horror games I play games like minecraft roblox trove and tera but i wanted to get a cool 3D fighting game and I was wondering is dragon ball z xenouniverse worth it and if theres a good naruto games

Also is minecraft story mode any good?

(NO budget)

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    5 years ago
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    3D Fighting Video Games for PC that are worth the purchase:

    The King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition

    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst

    Street Fighter X Tekken


    Good Points: 

    - Fighting Mechanics 

    - Story Mode 

    Bad Points: 

    - Toki Toki City 

    - Broken Item System 

    - Random Drop Loot 

    - Poorly Built Customization 

    - Poorly Done A.I W/ Infinite Stamina 

    - Repetitive Fights 

    - Endless Repetative Grinding 

    The Best portions of Bendai Namco Game's Dragon Ball Xenoverse is it's story and Fighting Mechanic, although the Fighting Mechanic much like all Dragon Ball Video Games is repetitive but enjoyable. 

    The amount of clearing design flaws in Dragon Ball Xenoverse that fans completely ignore is fascinating, Unfortunately Bandai Namco decided to make Toki Toki City the free roam menu screen with a very short music loop which adds absolutely zilch to the game. 

    The Item system is also broken, where in most Video Games you go to a pack item and Equip an item The Player has to go to The Bag make sure they have said item then go to another menu and then into another menu to equip said items which can only be done in Toki Toki City meaning if The People forget to equip said Items before Battle, Story Mode or Quests they are out of luck. 

    Dragon Ball XenoVerse poorly built customization leaves The Player blind to what Stats, Attires, ect actually do, resulting in The Player grinding for experience, items, ect fighting repetitive enemies and random loot drops that may result in gaining nothing. Additionally purchasing items from shop is difficult since there is very few preview options. 

    A.I is very poorly done as well, instead of actual A.I XenoVerse has the A.I have infinite Stamina and all Fights within the game become repetitive very quickly due to endless grinding and repetitive fights. 

    When I reviewed Bandia Namco Game's Dragon Ball XenoVerse I gave the game a mediocre Five out of Ten. Unless you are a major Dragon Ball fan and don't mind blatantly covering up flaws within the game, it's not worth the purchase.


    Source(s): I'm a video game critic, it's kinda; my job.
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    5 years ago

    GTA 5, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Bloodborne, Need for Speed Rivals, God of War III also Roblox that game sucks man i spent 50 dollars on it it's not worth it

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