Why is anime more detailed than American cartoons?

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  • 5 years ago
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    If you're talking about the plot, I'd say it's because the ADD-riddled mind of an American child cannot focus on the same subject for long, which is why many kid's shows have episodes only ~11 minutes long. Anime is more detailed because the whole point of an anime is to give you as much information as possible, which is why the episodes are usually about half an hour. Most American cartoons are animated to entertain children, while anime can be made for all ages (e.g. Pokémon for children and, say, Basilisk for adults), and usually anime only tells you something if it's plot-relevant.

    As a side-note you might find interesting, Mexican soap operas have episodes 1 hour (45 minutes without commercials) long, but I'd say that only five to ten minutes of it advances the plot. Most people would agree this has something to do with American being the source of most entertainment options in Mexico.

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      "ADD riddled mind of an American child"

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  • 5 years ago

    that's not a requirement of anime

    but animation is more valued in japan than it is in the US

    like, aside from like kid's cartoons and adult comedy, it's not frequent that we have serious adult cartoons.

    but plenty of animation in japan is serious, gory, etc.

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