Joy A asked in PetsReptiles · 5 years ago

How can frogs and toads swallow other frogs and toads that have toxins in their skin without getting poisoned themselves?

We know that frogs and toads will eat other frogs and toads. Most frogs and toads have toxins in their skin or just under their skin in pockets behind the eyes. These toxins are nasty enough to deter most predators, so how can they eat each other without getting poisoned?

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  • 5 years ago
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    They are clearly immune to their own toxins, otherwise they would die from just being them....

  • Aron
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    5 years ago

    whelp they usually do die after eating/attempting to eat the frog/toad. and no i didnt know that most are toxic. oh i know its because MOST OF THEM ARENT.

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