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Who has the authority to delete a question here besides the asker?

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    5 years ago
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    Questions can be reported and deleted by other users based on the trust level of the reporter it can be just 1 person or more than one with a lesser trust rating.

    We all have the authority to report violations depending on our reporting history some may be deleted and some may not.

    Questions are deleted by a software program that weighs the trust status of the reporter, the person being reported and if it meets the criteria questions are removed and a notice sent to the person reported.

    10 Points are lost when that happens but the one reported can appeal and if they win the appeal their points are returned but if they lose the appeal they lose another 10 Points.

    Of course the Answers Team and Customer care can remove any questions.

    From Yahoo, Community Moderation.

    At Yahoo Answers, we rely on the honor system to reward and empower reliable Yahoo Answers contributors.

    Community members who consistently and accurately report abusive questions and answers have more influence than others. By the same token, users who report content incorrectly will lose trust. So the level of influence any member of the Yahoo Answers Community has varies constantly dependent on their actions.

    If one or more trusted members of the Community report the same question or answer, it will be removed.

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    I do. Just saying. When I report a question, Boom! It's gone. It's not a power I sought and it seems to have come to me at around 50,000 points and 3 years a member. Some say you have to do a lot of reporting to get this power, but at that point I had reported probably less than a dozen questions or answers.

    Whatever. It's an ability I try to use judiciously. I report things like pornography, racism, threats, pedophilia and spam, for example, but I don't report technical violations or harmless chat. It seems to drive some participants on here crazy that I can do this, and they cannot, but oh well.

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    Trusted users already have the authority to do this. It's their high trust ratings that caused every offending question to be removed from this site.

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    Any trusted reporter can get questions that are violations deleted if his trust level is high enough.

    Or several independent reports as violations can get them deleted too

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    5 years ago

    By other user's probably or by the people that work for yahoo

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    5 years ago

    level 6s and 7s

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