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What can I do to prolong my dog's life?

I have a pit bull who is about to turn 7 years old. I've always tried to feed him well and recently put him on a grain fee diet. Since I've done that he actually likes to eat. Before it seemed like he only ate because he had to. And his BMs have been much better. I never had him fixed because I hoped to have a pup from him but now I'm afraid he's too old to be put under for surgery.

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  • Shawn
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    5 years ago

    Keep your dog's weight perfect, and keep his teeth clean ---have them done at the vet's office, whenever the doctor recommends it. You can start him on a good senior diet, changing gradually over a week. Have a "senior profile" done once a year. This is chemistry panel, t4, urinalysis, eye pressure check, and ecg. The vet can see everything he needs to know about your dog from the inside. Ask the vet about the neuter. It has been stated by the AVMA that neutering will add years to a dog's life. Things like prostate cancer, testicular cancer would be much less likely on a neutered dog, not to mention he wouldn't want to get loose, wander, and get hit by car. In short, allow the vet to run diagnostics to uncover age-related issues early, so they can be treated. Grain-free food may have helped your dog, but any dog can be sensitive to any food ingredient. It seems that you have helped your dog with his food. Consider the same brand in a senior formula. As your dog ages, do whatever your vet recommends, and that will give your dog the best chance for a long, life of good quality.

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    He's not too old for surgery if that is what you wish to do.

    As with any surgery there are risks whenever anyone goes under anesthesia.

    Have pre-surgical blood work and a thorough exam done first.

    One of my dogs had a lumpectomy done and he was over eight. He's just fine.

    Neutering is a much shorter surgery and carries very little risk. But do discuss all options with your vet.

  • 5 years ago

    Dogs are never too old to be neutered. Doing so would prevent testicular cancer later in life.

    Switch him to the Prey Model Raw diet if you REALLY want to feed him a healthy diet. Also is he going to the vet once a year for checkups? I have a feeling he's NEVER seen a vet, has he, since you never bothered to neuter him?

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    Neuter him for one. Its a mutt and there's no need to bred your ill bred mongrel. The ill bred mutt puppies won't be anything like him. The dog is not too old to be put under to be neutered

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    So some research in what they put into dog food and what your dog actually should eat. I would put him on vitamins daily just to help out. Be sure he gets enough exercise. Dogs were never intended to eat corn or wheat or any other grain. Do your homework.

  • 5 years ago

    Are you asking if getting him neutered would prolong his life?

  • 5 years ago

    walk him,a lot.

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